With Cait Scudder

2022 is the year you LEAP forward with quantum speed in income, impact, confidence, and clarity — and refuse to settle for anything less.

With Cait Scudder

2022 is the year you LEAP forward with quantum speed in income, impact, confidence, and clarity — and refuse to settle for anything less.

For the woman ready to hold more wealth and power, and TRUST the leap available to her to unlock her first 6-figure year 

You don’t want to keep hovering around the low 4-figure months in your business, you’re determined to make your income EXPLODE — how’s double and then some sound? 

You’re ready for stability in your revenue, a consistent container to hold you (read: no more speed dating coaches around the internet), and a supportive circle of other female entrepreneurs who are ready to quantum leap with you. 

You no longer want to chase the quick hit of dopamine of a high number, only for your nervous system to spiral out, wondering if it was all a fluke, and questioning how you’ll possibly do it again. 

You’re waiting to trade all of that in for a space to be held where you can be kept accountable to implement, apply, integrate, and truly embody your next-level 6-figure self who will eventually lead you to your million-dollar self. 

Growing a 6-figure business takes deep inner faith, trust, and bold action. It takes choosing your vision and faith over your fear and doubt. It means betting on yourself as your safest asset and confidently knowing the exquisite reward on the other side of risk. It means basking in the glow of a reality your former self dreamed of — and being brave enough to say, “I’m coming for you,” with bold action.  

It’s loud and clear that you deeply desire more money, freedom, and time with the people you love most — as you should. 

But the method of achieving it hasn’t been mastered yet.
Just imagine being HELD in a consistent container and feeling sustainably supported while you unlock your magic and go through the growing pains with a fully loaded support system.
This means no more vibey energy programs that lack structure and strategy, and a clear framework that is SO damn helpful to establish consistent cash months.

It means no more boxy formula funnel blueprints that feel complicated AF and just not right for your biz.

It means a COMBO,

a container that blends BOTH

and keeps it SIMPLE.


Your BIGGEST Year In Business Awaits

Leap Year is a journey, a 12-month experience complete with live coaching every single quarter with Cait to step into your biggest year yet complete with community, sisterhood, and solid, tangible support. 

Leap Year is simple.

Inside, we focus on trimming the fat on all the noise and delivering what WORKS, and actually moves the needle forward in your business. Leap Year blends BOTH the masculine and feminine sides of business — the inner work and the outer work — required to scale from your first 6-figure year all the way to a multi-million dollar business. 

This means you NEED the same foundations to grow to your first 6-figure year as I used to scale to my first multi 7-figure year. 

Inside Leap Year, I’m teaching you the principles my company uses to make $100k months so you can make your first $100k year. 

You’re ready to leap into the life and business of your damn dreams — and now is your time.
“Since I began working with Cait I booked out my 1:1 practice, hit my biggest month in business, increased my rates, and massively increased my audience size and visibility.”

Sabi Kerr

Self Love & Transformational Life Coach & Yoga Teacher
Leap Year is the container specifically for the woman who feels a massive leap coming in her bones, and she’s ready to be a leader in the industry in a copy + paste world. 

It’s for the woman scaling to consistent $10K months who is looking to plug into community and high touch group coaching over an entire year to accelerate her success.

This experience contains every component you need to be supported into your 6-figure year.

It births the momentum and holds you in a container, and that is irreplaceable. 

Leap Year is a place to get all my essential programs on building your business with a combination of energy and mindset, and strategy and tactical marketing support. 

Every single topic I teach here are tools that I have used to build a multi-million dollar brand and I’m laying it all on the line to show you how you can scale your company to where you want to go. 

This container is here to pull out of you the millionaire you know you were born to be. To lead with heart and bold conviction. To break convention and defy the odds. To leap and KNOW you have everything you need within you to soar.

In this container, you’re going to:

  • ALLOW more ease, more desire, more growth, and more extraordinary fulfillment
  • ​COMPEL through marketing that moves and excites your audience to take action
  • ​BUILD out your backend so you can lean back into your full CEO status
  • ​EXPAND your wealth energetics, sovereignty, and raise your money magnetism an entire octave.


"I had a lot going on in my business during the month that I was a part of Allow, and this program took my business over the top for my most profitable month yet. The most important result for me was the confidence, ease, and sense of freedom that the meat of this program gave me. It felt so true and resonant, and really fun too!"

Carolyn Stine

Messaging & Storytelling Coach
I’m here to guide you to go BIGGER and skyrocket your results in 2022.

This program will make you pay attention to how you get there — so you know in your bones that the sky isn’t even the limit anymore.

I'm giving you the steady ground you need to grow alongside other powerhouse coaches who are ready to break through the glass ceiling they’ve felt trapped under and finally unlock their first 6-figure year — and quite frankly, are simply unavailable for anything less. 

It’s time to step UP and IN to the power you harness inside you. 

Ready to know exactly what you’re doing so you can blow your own damn mind again and again? 
The details you’ve been waiting for, here’s what’s waiting for you inside Leap Year: 
FOUR Signature programs — two focused on energy, embodiment, and leadership & two focused on tactics, strategy, and structure
These four courses are dripped out LIVE throughout the year and the support follows these topics so you can implement them strategically. 
($13,332 VALUE)
LIVE quarterly Q+A Calls with a CSI support coach 
Between your calls with Cait, you’ll get access to one of our highly talented, CSI trained Business Support Coaches to help you accelerate your business at lightning speed. 
($3,988 VALUE)
Private Facebook Group Community & Support 
You, me, and a group of other heart-centered entrepreneurs inside a private Facebook group for an entire year making sure you are held, seen, and supported fully. 
($12,000 VALUE)
Pay in full bonus! LIVE group coaching calls every single Quarter with Cait for all of 2022
Courses and content are POWERFUL, but having a space to be held in LIVE coaching is unmatched with accountability and community. We'll be diving deep into the four course topics and talking all things marketing strategy, money, backend, and more.
($10,000 VALUE)
The four live courses you’ll unlock throughout the year:


Inside Allow, I’m going to walk with you step by step through my exact process and mindset, manifestation, and money magic practices for massive growth and extraordinary fulfillment. You’ll learn ​​how to make space to ALLOW more in — to make more internal space and clean up energetic habits, and remove the obstacles to an always-available stream of money and opportunities to flow in. Because the undeniable truth is, pushing and a plan can only get you so far. Letting go and allowing is your ticket to the next level. Whether it’s $100K months, a dream property, a loving partnership, or a growing family (or better yet, all of it), what you desire is holy. It’s yours. You’re worthy of it, and it’s time to allow it in, with more ease than ever.

Live: ​​February 21st through the week of March 1st


It’s time to create marketing that moves — moves your audience to feel and to act. This is how you turn your brand into a movement, especially in a world where everyone is trying to ‘command C’ and ‘command V’ what everyone else is doing, you’re going to learn how to stand out as a leader. You’re going to source the message you want to speak and share, one that makes people want to hear you and listen. Even if you’ve deemed yourself “mediocre” at storytelling, you’re going to learn my framework for writing emails, social posts, and content in a tangible way so you can speak in a way that moves your people to take ACTION. If you need one thing in your business, it’s to know how to connect with people and touch the hearts of the people in your audience — Compel is going to teach you how to get your words across to people in a way that captivates, entices, and you guessed it — compels. 

Live: March 25th through the week of May 23rd


I’ve built an entire infrastructure in my business that has carried me to multiple 7-figure years — now I’m sharing the DEEP nitty-gritty details of exactly how we run CSI as a multimillion-dollar company. We’re going into the foundation and processes that have helped us build up to this level so you can build out your own backend and exhale. The masculine structure helps the feminine flow — from onboarding to internal communications, client and program management, to which digital tools to use, to organizing your back office and file management, to Standard Operating Procedures — one thing every bonafide BOSS needs to shine and excel is a tight AF backend. You’re going to build out your team, backend and workflow, systems and processes so you can finally LEAN BACK into your full CEO status whether you’re a solopreneur or have a team, you’re gonna love this.

Live: August 29th through the week of September 26th


Wealth energetics, sovereignty, and money education are just the tip of this program. Minted takes your money magnetism and raises you a whole octave. Everyone talks about making a ton of CASH but no one talks about what to do with that cash — not here. You’ll learn not just how to be a MATCH vibrationally for money but also how to keep it, hold it, circulate it, amplify it, and multiply it — in your business and beyond. You'll learn the exact money tools I've used in my business and my life to not just build a 7-figure company but manage our wealth to create a 7-figure + net worth, all while growing a family and living my life. 

Live: November 14th through the week of December 12th

That’s not all either! 

You’ll also get access to:

Sales Mastery Accelerator — my hot as fire accelerator to heart-centered sustainable sales. This is *THE* one-stop-shop for sales coaching that teaches you everything you need to make bank and show your income goal who’s boss. (VALUE: $997)

Nail Your Niche — the course for women ready to design and sell out their signature offer, master the art of magnetic marketing, and make alotta money simply by being their dang selves. (VALUE: $997)


Quarterly 90-minute group Q&As with Cait

Plus, for a limited time BLACK FRIDAY SALE I’m taking off $4,444 for YOU

Normal enrollment is $11,111 for the year or 12 monthly payments of $1,111


 $7,777 or 10 monthly payments of $888

That’s a $4,444 savings! 


When you join you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to: 



One hour of working with Cait inside of Allow created a lifetime of shifted consciousness. This is damn good stuff, thank you!

Kathleen Avery

Coach, Teacher & Celebrator

Meet the Team CSI Support Coaches

who will be leading your live quarterly calls 

Anna is the abundance queen and heaven-meets-earth coach of your dreams! She’ll take you on the energy high of your life, busting through old blocks in record time, and then land your two feet on the ground, supporting you in doing business YOUR way, making massive impact, and making bank! Your old mindset and limiting beliefs don’t stand a chance with Anna. She's co-coached with Cait inside of the Radiant Living School Mastermind and is currently co-coaching in the Rise Mastermind.
Charlene Izere is a Black Luxe Creator and Serial Entrepreneur.

She is the founder and CEO of Melanin & Money, a comprehensive hub for entrepreneurially minded Black womxn; Soulful Systems, a boutique online business management agency supporting high level entrepreneurs with sustainable and scalable systems; and Wellness Delivered, a self care and community care brand.

Through the spaces she occupies and her entrepreneurial endeavors, Charlene’s mission is to leave the world Blacker than when she entered by designing power systems that center Black folks.

Charlene is solutions oriented, wealth motivated, socially conscious, and luxuriously Black.

Meet Cait!

Cait Scudder is a high school teacher turned Forbes-featured multiple 7-figure Business Coach for rising entrepreneurs. A TEDx speaker, host of the Born to Rise podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving mama and wife, Cait’s mission is to empower ten million driven, bold-hearted women to uncover their zone of genius and use it to create a profitable, purpose-driven business that changes the world. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider among several other publications. Find her inside her free Facebook community, The Radiant Entrepreneur, where she shares weekly free trainings and content for her community of boss babes, or on her website at cait.co
“Since completing the Sales Mastery Accelerator I have had two incredibly successful launches taking in over $15K on each, as well as filling out my VIP 1:1 Coaching Container for the next 3 months, signing 7 clients at $2500 each, totalling $17,500.”

Hannah Cluley

Business Empowerment Coach


Can I just buy all these courses individually?
You could, but why would you want to? Alone these courses cost $13,332 that’s more than the entire program. Plus, in this container, you get year-long support from Cait and Team CSI.

How is this different from Rise? I’ve been eyeing it too.
These programs are MUCH different from one another! Rise is extremely hands-on with 5 monthly calls (and a $30,000 investment). This is for the woman who wants to up-level to her first 6-figure year but isn’t quite ready for the time or financial commitment that comes with Rise, and instead is focused on building solid foundations and working through mindset blocks. 

How much access do I have to Cait? 
You’ll have access to Cait inside the Facebook community daily, and on the quarterly calls. You’ll unlock an additional bonus call with her when you join during the Black Friday blowout and four additional group calls if you pay in full! 

What if I’ve already made 6-figures, can I still join?
Yes, of course! This is for women scaling to consistent $10K months or women at any stage who are looking to plug into community and a HIGH touch group coaching over an entire year.

Can I join it next time?
If you want to wait an entire year to start generating the results you want, sure, you can join in a year. But the price will likely *at least* double. If you're serious about results now, there is no next time. This is the moment to act.

If you’re still on the fence, I’ll leave you with this…

The woman you’re becoming…
…she’s alive, here and now.

Activate her. Choose her. Lead with her. She will not lead you astray.

It’s go time, baby.
Do the damn thing.
Take the damn risk.
Bet on your success.

You were born for this.

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